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SystemWeaver helps you reduce the effort of complying with regulations

SystemWeaver is a development platform that helps you design safe and connected medical devices in a more efficient way. It will make reviews, risk management, CAPA processes and other regulatory challenges manageable. The digital signature ensures data integrity over time.

In short SystemWeaver allows you to:

Mitigate and ensure the safety and security of your medical devices, using Risk Management and Cybersecurity Threat Analysis.

Establish traceability throughout your whole system – from legal requirements to system, software, hardware, verification etc.

Ensure quality with revision control and flexible review, and approval management using features such as digital signature.

Generate reports, charts, grids, graphs and dashboards to document and visualize your coverage, traceability, risk management, test status and more.

Collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues and increase efficiency.

Integrate SystemWeaver with other tools of choice such as JIRA, Excel etc.

SystemWeaver is a development platform for complex products that contain software

To develop safe and secure system of systems is a daunting task and even more so when products become connected. SystemWeaver decreases complexity in development, bringing your safe and cyber secure medical devices to the market faster.

SystemWeaver About us

Scalable and fully adaptable as your business develops

SystemWeaver is scalable with fully configurable design rules and business logic, making it suitable for both start ups and multinational enterprises. Real time updates of your information, no matter your location, enables an agile way of working and improves your feedback loop.

Capture all aspects of your devices with an Integrated System Model

The dominance of software and the emergence of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are forcing both start ups and established Medtech companies to develop digital solutions that coexist with traditional technology. SystemWeaver gives you control of regulatory, organizational and technical information, from mechanics to embedded systems to software in the cloud.

Cyber Attacks

Medical devices become more and more interconnected. This makes the products vulnerable to cyber attacks. With SystemWeaver you assess the risk and analyze the threats or attacks your products might face. You then manage your controls and implement cybersecurity goals to ensure the security of your systems.

Product Variability and Reuse

SystemWeaver allows you to continuously develop and maintain all requested products and feature combinations within a short time to market while keeping cost efficiency and high quality. We are world leading in applying Product Line Engineering to Model Based Development and Systems Engineering, supporting feature based variability and reusability.

Let SystemWeaver grow with you

Configure SystemWeaver to suit your needs and your processes. Scale up or down and keep SystemWeaver as your one development tool.

SystemWeaver as your partner

We are convinced that a personal approach is the way to success. That's why we are available, proactive and dedicated to help your business succeed. Several global and large organisations are in our customer base, and our approach has alwaysbeen to build a longstanding partnership.

Contact us and we are happy to explain all concepts in detail and howSystemWeaver can help your specific case.

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