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We are pleased to anounce and welcome our new CEO to Systemite and to the SystemWeaver team!

SystemWeaver Daniel Åman CEO Systemite AB

Press release

Göteborg 2021-08-23

Daniel Åman new CEO at Systemite AB.

The Board of Directors has appointed Daniel Åman as the new CEO at Systemite AB. Daniel brings with him extensive experience from the international automotive sector and has formerly been Senior Vice President & Head of Automotive Solutions at Smart Eye.

“We are of course very pleased with Daniel’s decision to accept our offer to join us at Systemite and are looking forward to the future journey and development of SystemWeaver under his leadership”, says Carl Backman, Chairman of the Board at Systemite AB.

Not only does Daniel have a solid technical background and 8 years of leadership at Smart Eye. He also led numerous areas for Ericsson during his almost 15 years with the company. This combination makes Daniel the perfect match for Systemite to bring SystemWeaver to new markets and sectors.

“I’m looking forward to this new adventure with great enthusiasm and energy. SystemWeaver is a leading development platform with a great track record for the past 20 years, and the software is critical for organizations wanting to keep control in more complex product development. With the amount of code in vehicles and other electronic equipment constantly increasing, this will be vital going forward”, says Daniel.

“We warmly welcome Daniel aboard and will continue to support him on the journey forward”, says Carl.

For more information:
Daniel Åman, CEO Systemite AB
+46 73 906 46 59

Carl Backman, Chairman of the Board, CEO JCE Group
+46 31 759 55 00

About Systemite
Systemite AB, founded in 2000 and based in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a Nordic leading software company providing a cutting edge platform, SystemWeaver, for complex product development. It allows developers, managers and organizations to gain increased control of their information flows in the process through collaboration, adaptability and scalability. SystemWeaver enables organizations to manage the increasing high complexity of development information.

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